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God's Wonder Lab

Jesus Does the Impossible

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Our God can make the impossible possible!

He does marvelous things!

A science lab conducts experiments that explain how things are possible. In Jesus’ ministry, He did things that are impossible. His greatest miracle of all was dying on the cross and rising from the dead for our salvation. At God’s Wonder Lab, discover that Jesus does the impossible for us.


Lessons at a Glance

Key Bible Verse:

He has done marvelous things! Psalm 98:1

Lesson 1

Bible Story:

Jesus’ First Miracle (John 2:1–12)

Take Home Point:

Jesus is God and cares about me!

Bible Memory Verse:

You are the God who works wonders. Psalm 77:14

Lesson 2

Bible Story:

Jesus Walks on Water (Matthew 14:22–33)

Take Home Point:

Jesus is with me all the time!

Bible Memory Verse:

The whole earth is full of His glory! Isaiah 6:3

Lesson 3

Bible Story:

Jesus Gives Life (Mark 5:21–43)

Take Home Point:

Jesus heals me!

Bible Memory Verse:

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14

Lesson 4

Bible Story:

Jesus Appears to His Followers (Luke 24:36–49)

Take Home Point:

Jesus saves me and gives me life!

Bible Memory Verse:

Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome. Nehemiah 4:14

Lesson 5

Bible Story:

Jesus Sends Paul (Acts 9:1–19)

Take Home Point:

Jesus calls me to tell about Him!

Bible Memory Verse:

Let the heavens praise Your wonders, O LORD! Psalm 89:5

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