Come with Martin to uncover the meaning behind hidden messages!

Jesus Encounters is the only Spanish Vacation Bible School program that is originally written in Spanish and available in both Spanish and bilingual formats. Find all the materials you need to plan, promote, and produce a Spanish VBS event!

Perfectly adaptable to any setting and program size, Jesus Encounters engages children (ages 3–14) and adults in themed Bible lessons, memorable music, and age-appropriate activities. The simple program is a wonderful outreach tool, whether you’re hosting a Spanish VBS at your church or during a mission trip.

Theme Overview

Behind castle doors at a medieval university, mysterious Bible messages shine through stained glass windows in an old library. Who has the answers to unlock the truth? Meet Martin—a young student in the summer of 1507. His mind raced at the opportunity to learn about Scripture, but his heart trembled with uneasiness whenever he wondered about eternal life.

That’s why Professor Lectione, a caring teacher, gave Martin an amazing gift when he encouraged him to explore Bible stories like never before! Come along with Martin, his professors, and his classmates on a quest to uncover God’s salvation plan in Jesus—one stained glass window at a time. These five stories invite us to sit at our Savior’s feet and see how Jesus blessed, healed, sought, and saved His people in the Bible and does the same for us. Freedom’s found only in the cross!


Program Structure

Begin each day with a time of praise by singing special Jesus Encounters songs, available in Spanish and instrumental versions. During the lesson rotation, learn about Martin’s latest adventures by reading aloud the daily theme-based story or by playing the recordings on CD (Spanish only). Next, present and discuss the Bible lesson from Scripture. For activities time, participants gather in age groups to enjoy engaging review activities, take-home crafts, and lively games. On the last day, create a closing event where participants can share with teachers and parents all they discovered on their journey.

Invite parents or adults from the community to study God’s Word alongside the children by using themed, reproducible adult Bible studies in the Event Manual. Everyone will love going on this adventure together!


Lesson 1: Jesus Blesses Little Children

Jesus blesses all people, including me.

Luke 18:15–17

Key Point: God wants everyone to receive His blessings.

Lesson 2: Jesus Heals a Blind Beggar

Jesus calls me into His presence.

Luke 18:35–43

Key Point: God cares about all of our needs.

Lesson 3: Jesus and Zacchaeus

Jesus accepts me when no one else does.

Luke 19:1–10

Key Point: God seeks those despised by the world.

Lesson 4: Jesus Visits Mary and Martha

Jesus leads me to His Word.

Luke 10:38–42

Key Point: God teaches us that His Word is most important.

Lesson 5: The Conversion of the Philippian Jailer

Jesus blesses me for all eternity.

Acts 16:16–34

Key Point: God grants us salvation through faith in Jesus.



VBS with Purpose

Encourage the whole church to get involved! Vacation Bible School is a wonderful opportunity to invite new families into your church and reach out to your community.

  • Choose dates that best work with the host church pastor’s availability and do not conflict with other community events and school schedules. Keep in mind the weather, too, if you plan to be outside.
  • Prepare a budget to help you stay on track financially. Consider organizing a fund-raiser or two, asking for donations, or charging a small registration fee.
  • Start asking for volunteers early. Junior high and senior high youth make great volunteers, and VBS is a good way to involve young people on a mission trip or teens from the local church at your mission site! Be sure to share the goals of the event with your volunteers and coordinate responsibilities with their interests and abilities.
  • Set up a promotional team that’s willing to make personal invitations, call families with children, and set up an information table at the church.
  • Remember to factor in time for early registration, training for your teachers and volunteers, and preparing snacks for the children and volunteers during your event!

Planning and promoting a VBS is a big time commitment, but it’s an excellent outreach event and an opportunity to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to children and families. God’s blessings as you plan your VBS!


Starter Kit

Paquete del líder

Inside the Starter Kit, find all the promotional, planning, and teaching materials you will need, plus sample student materials for each age level.

Starter Kit Contents

  • Reproducible Event Manual (View Sample)
    • Lesson plans for all age levels
    • Lyrics and melody lines of 8 songs in Spanish and English
    • Reproducible adult Bible studies
    • Closing program
  • Two sets of five colorful posters for each day’s Bible story
  • Student lesson samples for the three levels
  • One full-color promotional poster
  • Bookmarks
  • Multimedia CD
    • Songs, accompaniments, and narrations* for each day
    • Songbook and promotional material created with PowerPoint®, graphics, and more
* Recorded narrations are in Spanish only.

Music Samples

All music is available in Spanish and instrumental versions. The audio is not available in English.

« »
  • 01.
    I Count ‘Cause Jesus Loves Me (Valioso para Cristo)
  • 02.
    In His Word He Makes Me See (Cristo me hizo ver)
  • 03.
    Zacchaeus and Jesus (Zaqueo y Jesús)
  • 04.
    An Important Visit (Una visita importante)
  • 05.
    In Jesus We All Are Free (Libertad para siempre)
  • 06.
    Everybody Come Along (Vengan todos)
  • 07.
    Jesus Saves Us All (Jesús es salvación)
  • 08.
    A Blind Man from Jericho (Un ciego de Jericó)

Student Lessons

Student lessons are divided into three student levels, each with age-appropriate activities. The Event Manual includes theme-based, reproducible Bible studies for adults.

Each lesson is sold individually and includes all the material for Days 1–5. Order one per student.

  • Spanish: $3.29 per student
  • Bilingual: $3.79 per student
Student Lessons

Lessons include a take-home worksheet & bookmark for every day!


Even after VBS is over, these creations keep sharing the message of Jesus’ love and sacrifice! Use one or all of the crafts to reinforce the daily Bible lessons about the ways Jesus walks with His dear people.

Bottle Cap Necklace

What a joy it is to be God’s child! Design a colorful, wearable reminder of your identity in Christ with beads and a bottle cap pendant. Necklace cord measures 26". (12 projects/Ages 5+*)

*Warning: Choking Hazard—small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Blind Man Puppet

Just as Jesus restored the sight of a blind man, He also healed us from sin’s sickness. This paper puppet with a 4 ½" x 6" face helps you retell an amazing miracle from start to finish. (12 projects/Ages 3+)

Zacchaeus Door Hanger

When you feel forgotten and lost in the crowd, remember that God’s love seeks you out! Reenact Zacchaeus’s climb to see the Savior with 3" paper characters. (12 projects/Ages 3+)

3D Sand Art Cross

Like Martha, we get distracted from fixing our eyes on the Savior. These 3D sand art crosses give off an unmistakable glow—pointing you to Jesus’ sacrifice. Kits come with 7 bags of sand, each containing .08 ounces. (12 projects/Ages 5+*)

*Warning: Choking Hazard—small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Window

Make a beautiful stained glass window just like the one Martin saw in the library! Each window frame stands 9" tall, making an eye-catching piece to display at home. Includes a self-adhesive foam cross. (12 projects/Ages 4+)

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