Site Rotation

Volunteers, we’re glad you’re here! VBS can’t happen without you. Here at site rotation, we’ve provided 24/7 volunteer training for you. We’ve included sample Bible lessons, videos, volunteer job descriptions, and more to give you the confidence you need as you prepare for VBS.

Mighty Fortress Opening/Closing

Here everyone begins and ends the day gathered around the cross for God’s Word, VBS songs, mission moments, and video skits. Download our sample lesson from the Leader’s Guide to get an idea of how you can begin and end each day of your VBS. New this year—Opening and Closing offers an optional rotation for VBS songs.


Stronghold Storytelling

Our storytelling scripts involve every child to make storytelling memorable, engaging, active, and fun! Though this site is called Storytelling, these are not mere stories—you’re sharing the mighty and true Word of God.

Victory Village Bible Challenge

Help children write Bible words on their hearts as they learn about Jesus, their Savior King. Through memory songs and activities, kids learn Bible verses that will remain in their hearts, lives, and minds for a lifetime.


Great Hall Snacks

At Mighty Fortress, every child has a seat at the King’s table in the Great Hall. There, they’ll make and feast on yummy snacks to give them energy for even more VBS fun! What a delicious way to learn about the daily take-home point.

Tournament Crafts

Our unique multilevel crafts emphasize Bible story takeaway points and give kids a fun, hands-on way to keep exploring God’s Word! The directions in the Tournament Crafts Leader Guide have scripts for leaders to use in teaching the Bible stories and theme.

Tournament Games

Tournament Games is a fortress full of energy, excitement, and a little bit of silliness. From launching bean bags with a catapult to using stilts to cross a moat, Tournament Games provide mighty big fun and Bible learning for everyone!

Early Childhood

Hubert the Hound is ready to help your preschoolers sniff out Mighty Fortress adventure. He knows that it’s important to meet the learning styles of students—that’s why our age-appropriate lessons, games, and activities give the youngest kids engaging new ways to learn that in Jesus, the victory is won!

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