Plan My VBS

Whether this is your first or fiftieth VBS, you know it’s a big job. We’ve got the VBS tools you need to plan, publicize, budget, and promote a VBS with Purpose!

VBSMate is Your Free Online Registration Tool

Create, promote, and manage your VBS with VBSMate. Customize this predesigned website to promote VBS in your church and community. Capture accurate enrollment, assign volunteers, customize and print rosters, collect feedback, and so much more.


Customize Your VBS Planning

For a complete, month-by-month planning guide, check out the Super Duper Director Guide, included in your Starter Kit. You can also create a customized planning calendar based on your 2017 VBS dates with our interactive planning calendar.

Prepare Your VBS Budget

From the beginning, it’s important to get your VBS budget set in place. Our budget worksheet is a great place to start. Five to six months before your VBS event, decide on registrations fees, if required, plan on fundraisers. Use our quick order form for easy ordering.

Promote Your VBS

Promote your event often and in different ways. Whether you’re posting an announcement on your church website or adding a blurb to your bulletin, don’t forget about the value of face-to-face invitations! These tools will help you get the word out about Mighty Fortress.

Cultivating VBS Volunteers

Building a rock-solid VBS means finding committed volunteers. Here’s some great ways to recruit volunteers, train them, and use their unique talents.

Recruit VBS Volunteers

Volunteers thrive when their skill set “matches up” with their role in VBS. Get the conversation rolling with our fun (and shareable!) VBS volunteer quiz. While not scientific, this quiz is an easy way to match up personalities and gifts for VBS volunteer opportunities. Additional tools are available below.

VBS Teacher Training

Nothing spells confidence like early and consistent training! Help site leaders and volunteers familiarize themselves with Mighty Fortress with our online site rotation videos. There, they can find sample leader guides, photo albums, job descriptions, how-to videos, and decorating helps. Since it’s all online, they can get familiar with each site at their own convenience.

Thank VBS Volunteers

While VBS is often only a few days out of the year, your volunteers will put in a lot more time and effort than just the time they spend teaching, leading, and decorating. Be sure to show your volunteers your appreciation and thank them for their time and energy in teaching God’s children about Jesus!

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