Round up those registrations!

VBSMate is your free online registration tool!


Planning and Publicity

For a complete, month-by-month planning guide, check out the Barnyard Roundup Director Guide, included in the Starter Kit.

To create a customized planning calendar based on your 2016 VBS dates, use our interactive planning calendar.

Set Your Budget

From the get-go, it’s important to determine how your budget is set (from church line items, donations, special offerings, registration fees, fund-raisers, etc.). Five to six months before your VBS event, decide on registration fees, if required, and plan fund-raisers. Get started on your budget with our helpful worksheet download:

Budget Worksheet

Use our VBS quick order form for easy ordering.

Promote Your VBS

Get the word out about Barnyard Roundup with these helpful downloads! While first impressions are great, it’s important to advertise and promote your event often and in different ways. Whether you’re posting an announcement on your church website or adding a blurb to your bulletin, don’t forget about face-to-face invitations!


Every seasoned VBS director knows it takes many helping hands to pull off a successful VBS program. So don’t wait until the last minute to start recruiting your team of volunteers. Start building your team of VBS volunteers with these helpful downloads:


While it’s important to have the right person for the job, it’s also essential you provide the necessary training to help your volunteers do their best. Check out our helpful volunteer training videos and materials to help you get a jump-start on your volunteer training.


While VBS is often only a few days out of the year, your volunteers will put in a lot more time and effort than just the time they spend teaching, leading, and decorating. Be sure to show your volunteers your appreciation and thank them for their time and energy in teaching God’s children about Jesus!

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